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LLC “Zakamskaya Casting Company”

LLC “Zakamskaya Casting Company” is working on ecologically clean, industrial technology of obtaining castings of high accuracy and complexity – Casting on gasified models (LOST-FOAM). Having equipment which allows to obtain high-quality castings of steel (GOST 977-88), grey iron(1412-85), high-strength cast iron (GOST 7293-85), and special alloys according to customer's requirement.

Examples of production

Impeller water pump. Material: grey cast iron CCh15 Nut of scaffolding. Material: wear-resistsant cast iron VCh50 Vane. Material: cast iron VCh50 Ratchet wheel. Material: cast iron VCh50 The vane of shot blasting head. Material: wear-resistsant cast iron IChH28N2 Pawl. Material: cast iron VCh50 Bracket coupling of electric fan. Material: cast iron VCh50 Eyelet of the back spring leaf RSh130-2912205-B. Material: cast iron VCh50 Eyelet of the front sping leaf RSh 13.130-2902126-B. Material: cast iron VCh50 Filter housing. Material:cast iron VCh50 The hub of the blower motor. Material: cast iron VCh50 Spiral. Material: cast iron. The base. Material: steel 35L The base of spring. Material: steel 35L Base of the clamp. Material: steel 40X Handle of clamp bracket. Material: steel 40X The mandrel mill machine. Material: nikarin (nikorim) The mandrel piercing mill of water-cooler. Material: Alloy H32N6L The mandrel mill machine. Material: Alloy H32N6L The base. Material: cast iron VCh50