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For almost a decade of experience we have debugged the following scheme of work with the Customer.

The first stage
The customer submits an application describing the needs and provides drawings of technical documentation.

The second stage
A feasibility study of the project. At this stage it is important for us to elaborate technical documentation in under time.

The third stage
Commercial proposal outlining the cost and terms of products production, cost and timeline preparation of production.

The fourth stage
Conclusion of the contract

The fifth stage
Preparation of production and delivery of products.

Preparation of production includes few stages:
  • - Development of technological process of product production;
  • - Development and production of tooling;
  • - Receiving of pilot batch;

Sample pilot ready within 2 months from the moment of signing by the parties of the contract.

Our experience and capability of production allow to implement even the most technically complex and scale projects.