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Important stages having great importance for our company, we believe:

2007. A team of specialists in the field of casting metals have set up production and found its niche in the regional market. Has earned the respect among competitors and reputation of the reliable company among Customers. Fulfillment of orders QUALITATIVELY and IN TIME – the credo of the company, which remains fundamental.

2008. Having production facilities and feeling demand of production development, was carried out an analytical work aimed at studying the ever-changing requirements of the modern market in general and the technical characteristics of the products in particular, as well as the demands of partners and customers, with the aim of modernizing and perfection the performance of the Company.

2009, Activities aimed at increasing production volumes and strengthening product quality control, as well as firmly established relations with suppliers of quality raw materials have enabled us to occupy a worthy position in the regional market.

The new shop
In 2010, within the framework of increasing the production capacity was launched Autonomous foundry shop on gasified models (LOST-FOAM) that meet the requirements of casting on standard ЕVRO. Using metal obtained by melting in an induction furnace, we were able to improve the quality of produced products. In the same year was held regular general training of the masters of the foundry. Continuous professional development of personnel – a task that is given due attention at our production.

Quality guarantee
In 2012 the company fulfilled the task of upgrading the Lab. Acquisition and commissioning of a modern complex analysis of metals and alloys "Spectrometer DFS-500" allowed to carry out quality control of raw materials at governed standards, accuracy of production process and finished product quality. Became possible laboratory researches for improvement of alloys exponent, which has a positive impact on the quality of finished products and, consequently, the loyalty of Customers.

Moving forward
During 2013-2014 in the highly competitive of modern market, the company continued to start up the modern equipment that increases both the quality and quantity of produced products. By the company's specialists has been designed and implemented a vibrating table. It made it possible to receive castings of raised geometric complexity. The development and use of the new system of blowing out and sintering of polystyrene models allowed to improve the cleanliness of the product surface. Regeneration system of the sand had been improved, etc. Remember that without specialists, even most modern equipment cannot work by itself, were carried out measures to improve working conditions and rest for employees, that became great motivation for the team and has a positive impact for the stable operation of the enterprise as a whole.

New level
In 2015, the company finally mastered the production of high-alloy, chemically complex alloys. Production of wear-resistant cast irons, chromium steels, alloys at the nickel-base such as "nikorim (nikarin") by the technology of LOST FOAM (LGM) served as the next stage upward and brought out the enterprise to a qualitatively new level of the work. With detailed information about used technologies you can get acquainted in the section "Technologies".

Be proud of
2016, for today, in difficult economic conditions, the enterprise not only remains workable, but can withstand the competition, continues to evolve, responding flexibly to the changing economic situation. Maximum efforts focused on the optimizations of all production processes, cost of raw materials and prime cost of produced products. The enterprise employs young specialists, distinctive feature of which is the excellent theoretical training, the presence of a huge number of interesting ideas and the ability to switch over quickly in conditions of technological progress. In tandem with more experienced colleagues they use the most modern technologies in production. Thanks to the joint efforts, our company continues to develop and strengthen in the domestic market of metallurgical industry.