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In production of products we use only high quality raw materials and materials. We are interested in improving of quality of produced products by us and therefore are always open to your commercial proposals for supply of raw materials and materials.

Waiting for your offers and questions by e-mail: info@zlk-metallurgy.ru

The list of required raw materials and materials
Wastes from ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys (steel, copper, aluminum, Nickel, titanium)
Ferro-alloys (FeSi75, FeCr, FeSiCa, etc.)
Modifier Sferomag5212
Scrap of graphite electrodes
Mass for lining induction furnaces (basic, sour) and related materials
The abrasive tool (cutting wheels, grinding)
Quartz sand
Materials for LOST - FOAM process (polystyrene foundry, non-stick coating, water-based, etc.)
Liquid glass sodium GOST 13078-81